“They’re just tools, not a magic safety net. No single person who wants to truly succeed as a mixer can do it by relying on a machine.” Wayne Pauley


Why Dubble Dare for Mixing and Mastering?

*A “Good” Mixer and Mastering Engineer takes their time, bouncing the project and listening to it in multiple different audio systems and going back into the production software and tweaking things.

*The most important thing is having a ear for it. Next would be patience. Talking your time, walk away for a hour, when needed, let your ear rest, and coming back an dig back in. And as stated above, playing test-out puts in different audio systems. Then comes the software and plugins you use.

*I would also state caring about good audio, an good quality sound files, is important to being a good mixing and mastering Engineer.

*An I am that guy! I care and will give my all to making your projects shine as they are ment to.

PRICING (Mixing and Mastering)


*Per Track Mixing
Mixing – $35 (Per Hour)

*EP Mixing (7 Song Max)
Mixing – $30 (Per Hour)

*LP Mixing (Full Album)
Mixing – $25 (Per Hour)